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Innogroup is a Search Engine Optimisation based in Marrakesh, Morocco

InnoGroup is an internal numeric telemarketing agency specialised in the optimisation of search engines.Our journey in the adjustment and tweaking of the seo strategy makes us the leaders of the industry. Our SEO experts concentrate on the delivery of production results and revenue for our clients.

While other companies can speak about their achivements, we are impatient to show you the results. At InnoGroup, we offer our client complete transparence in our usual work flow due to our client center.

This innovative platform allows our clients to follow the milestones and efforts deployed to improve their online visibility. Our clients can as well watch the implemented work done on their accounts and follow real time analysis. This type of transperancy is unheard of before in the field of SEO and internet marketing industry.

  • Our experienced team specialises in implementing personalised SEO strategies
  • Our proprietary monitoring and analysis solutions that enable customers to see real-time ranking improvements and new sources of traffic
  • Our transperancy regarding online marketing offerts is what keeps customers involved and informed
  • Our ability to obtain and reach results that increases of online visibility for our clients and their global success

On page Optimisation

Having a website that is user-friendly but is also optimised for search engines.

Website structure

It is important to have the best website structure. The search engines absolutely love websites that are fast and well constructed!

User experience

Create and incredible user experience and the search engines will reward you by putting your website in a strong position in the researches

Content strategy

Creating a content that allows the audience to speak and share is the key to that position in the first pages of Google, Yahoo or Bing

Link Building

Also one of the most important aspects of a good position, We concentrate on the construction of quality links in order to obtain shocking results

Create a buzz

Creating a buzz has a giant impact on your company, it will help better position your website as well as gain The trust of search engines in your brand and name

Seo strategy

It is crucial to have an SEO plan at hand, with this we are able to define the right goals for your company and reach them with ease

Local SEO

Local search engine optimisation allows you to be seen by thousands of local clients looking for your services online


Increase your revenue by more than 50% simply because you have more critics than competition



Stay in touch with your target by offering a mobile app dedicated to your offer. Coordinate its launch with a communication campaign and then you can generate viral activity around your brand and your offer

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developpement web et mobile innogroup


Augmented reality is an added appreciate value for any mobile application. Mobile application has become a classic component of digital communication, it needs to be enriched with advanced and intuitive features.


What if you can invite yourself to meet your audience? To access their universe, To be able to propose your interactions or contests to them, to be able to ask them to contribute to your projects to create a dynamic angagement The agency can guide you through the best practices and mobile ideas.

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SEO packs

annual subscription
  • SEO Audit + 1 competitor studied

  • Creation of backlinks : 20 directories

  • 10 optimized pages

  • SEO report (Quarterly)

quarterly subscription
  • Audit SEO + 3 competitors studied / quarterly

  • Creation of backlinks : 30 directories

  • 20 optimized pages

  • SEO report (Monthly)

quarterly subscription
  • Audit SEO + 3 competitor studied / monthly

  • Creation of backlinks : 60 directories

  • 35 optimized pages

  • SEO report (Monthly)

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