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INNGROUP focus on Simplifying, Refining and Perfecting your work

The incorporation of the style in your company gives you other dimensions and advantages.

The integrated design will make known the company on its culture, its markets and its know-how.

It is then simple and quickly effective on a project.

Come and collaborate with us to help you manage your project in the best conditions, identify the most appropriate solution to the challenges of your business, guide and drive improvement.

Our team of web designers and integrators will put in your favor its skills in execution and creation of interfaces and perform various tasks essential to bring you added value to your projects.

INNOGROUP contributes as an adviser on the strategic aspects of your desires and deals with all the creative and integration phases. Our agency provides you with creative results to participate in the performance of your business.

Graphic Design

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The visual identity is the creation of a logo and the graphic identity symbolizes your services. It is absolutely essential and must constitute all your values. As a whole, the visual identity conveys the representation of your company, it means its values, its objective, its activity, its name. The logo is the essential element of any graphic identity, your logo must materialize both your graphic identity and the image that you want to transmit to your buyers. He participates in the construction of the reputation of your company, brand or factory, values ​​and particularities. At the same time unique and captivating, the logo embellish all your commercial or web supports. The development of a professional logo guarantees you a more impressive likelihood, a reasonable image and essentially a mark of efficiency. The logo of your company symbolizes the first representation given to your customers. Does your logo symbolize your company and its offer of products or services? Is it appropriate for your mission? Restructuring a logo is an essential phase for a company. The Innogroup web development agency Marrakech analyzes your expectations and your needs to adapt your visual identity.

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The graphic charter is also a creative element. It is delivered in the format representations and models. It is established in a certain way from a driving regulation and gives the vital tools to a visual ad logical, both inside and out. The graphic charter of your website will be made on the basis of a design based on the existing components (logo, color, ...), or on a design. We offer you a general realization that is able to be used in other advertisements. To realize your graphic charter, we discern your desires, your possibilities and we take into account the purpose of your website. We let's do a visual project that we reveal to you under a model aspect graphics. This offer is obviously modifiable according to your opinions and your impression. As soon as you approve the final model, we integrate it with a technical point of view so that you are able to see it on the web. To ensure the visual homogeneity of your website, Innogroup defines it a graphic charter that determines the fields and aspects for the use of different graphic components that form the identity of your company. Innogroup an agency that does everything for your visual identity and model graphic a personalized work taking into account your requirements and desires.

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Innogroup suggests that you design an interface design for your mobile application or site, with modern day graphics that will charm its users and simplify their use. Web design includes information assembly, user interface, site construction, navigation, display, colors, fonts and photography. We offer web design respecting the rules of the internet and providing your users with a good experience. Web design is a fusion of originality and technique. The creation of a graphic charter for the website is a work uniting visual creation, with the addition of the operational and style. Currently the graphical interface of a website endorse a function largely import in the success and the result of a project. Just like natural referencing, operational marketing, website design offers your customers a pleasurable action pushing them to spend more time on the site and browse deeper into details and achieve more action. Web design gives an internet site an identity that allows its users to register it with ease, to reiterate it and to let it know. Are you ready to start your project? Above an obvious estimate, our web agency accompanies you and directs you on the best way of implementation of your project, offers you a precise study. Web design of your site or application evokes your image, that is the reason why we bring you all the essential care to offer you an appropriate visual creation and quality.

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Responsive web design is the ability of a website to adjust to different screen sizes and other platforms (computer, tablet, mobile phone ...). Responsive web design comes from a necessity and responds to the challenges that the progress of the web is currently experiencing. Adjusting the unique and same platform to different devices provides a unique and personalized experience for the end use.

We create sites in responsive design that harmonize with other web reading media. Responsive design represents a set of methods and methods to generalize your website, whether viewed on computer, tablet or mobile phone and fits precisely on any screen. This trend has become a primary focus in building web interfaces. Responsive design offers a way to answer this problem. Preferably to realize a rare model, it is currently a question of designing a site which changes of appearance according to the support and the dimension of the screen. At Innogroup, during the creation of the site, from the offer of a construction to the last stage of publication on the internet, we design the grid of your responsive site in compliance with the obligations of posting by checking the site and its specificities on all media.

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